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Artist Announcement – Jessica Dreadful


The next artist is no stranger to the festival scene. Her artistic style speaks to her generation and has a special place among music fans. We are so honored to have such wonderful artist and kind individual join our ranks and share her talent with the Relics Music Festival Collective. Please welcome Jessica Dreadful to the collective.

Jessica Dreadful is a multidisciplinary artist from New Brunswick, Canada. Dynamic, open minded, always exploring and evolving, they are inspired by the human form, the natural world and our connection to it. She has been creating live art and working with local festivals such as Evolve, Future Forest and Follyfest since 2016. Her passion lies in creating visual and tangible art, with people that share a similar vision. Whether they are haunting the local theatre creating magic with lights, live painting music events, embellishing thrifted clothing at her home studio, or creating custom design work for clients, she approaches each project with curiosity and excitement. Adding her dramatic flair to every design.

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