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Charlemagne Tremblay

After picking up my first prop at Electric Pines 2022, the flow arts have formed an obsession and central focus in my life. I have worked hard each and every day since then to become the best artist that I can be, taking inspiration from the incredible Halifax flow community and broader online rope dart community. In 2023, the first stage of my flow journey came full circle when I had the opportunity to perform at Electric Pines 2023 – one of the most rewarding experiences I’ve ever had. Since then, I have performed for a number of local events, and have continued expanding my skill-set and repertoire. As a flow artist, I strive to a deliver cohesive performance which are as technically competent as they are graceful. Drawing from my experience and the inspiration of other artists, I’ve learned that a successful performance is about more than just technical skill; but also, the fluidity and emotion that connects each movement, all complemented by thoughtful costuming to bring it all together. My main props are the rope dart and space whip, and I am also developing my skills in poi and contact staff.