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Dale Mannette

Halifax, Nova Scotia

Hailing from Halifax Nova Scotia, Dale has been in the scene since the late 80’s, and has been a huge lover of all things house ever since. While working as a busboy at JB’s Show Palace in Lower Sackville at the age of 18, he mixed two records together at an after hours staff function. This sole action would change his life forever, sparking a passion for vinyl, and spending many nights after the bar closed honing his skills behind closed doors.

Moving to Moncton in the mid 90’s really kicked his career off as a dj, as he became a founding member of its then new and thriving rave scene, as well as working at other clubs in the city.

This is where he further honed his tastes in music and direction in the scene, becoming well known for his marathon sunrise sets and funky flowing basslines and vocals.

Moving back to Halifax in early 2001 gave him the opportunity to play more frequently within the city and build relationships with promoters. A staple in the scene throughout the early/late 2000’s playing at numerous clubs, afterhours, and festivals throughout the Maratines, and making a name for himself as an absolute powerhouse behind the decks, until moving to Calgary in 2007, and continuing to play in clubs out throughout the west..

After returning from Calgary in 2016 he became a member of the Classics Crew and has been organizing events with them ever since, bringing in some of the worlds best house Dj’s for all to enjoy.

Known for his energetic performances, you can expect to be fully entertained with everything from funky basslines and smooth vocals, to an all out 4/4 bangin house assault. Front and centre is where you want to be for the full experience!!!!

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