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Antigonish NS

GooseTronics embarked on their DJ journey in the early 2000s, inspired by the transformative experience of the evolve festival. Mastering the art of DJing, they made a pivotal move to Banff, Alberta, kickstarting their residency at the Hoodoo Lounge and Aurora Night Club. GooseTronics became a fixture at renowned venues and festivals across western Canada, leaving their mark at Dancing Sasquatch, Mels,Zonas, Holligans, Paddock, The Storm Cellar, Rose and Crown, Edfest, and Syncfest. It was during this period that GooseTronics crossed paths with their first music production mentor, igniting a passion for crafting their own tracks.
After honing their skills in Banff, the wanderlust took over, prompting GooseTronics to migrate to the vibrant music scene of Berlin, Germany. A residency at Radlers and performances at esteemed venues such as Normal, Piris, Mein Haus am See, Repeat, Santa Maria, and Santa Cantina followed. However, global circumstances led GooseTronics back to Canada in 2019, where they embraced a more secluded lifestyle in the backwoods of Antigonish. It was during this period that their dedication to music production reached new heights, marked by affiliations with iLL Gates’ Producer Dojo, Stonx Music, and the establishment of their independent label, Campertunes.
With the reopening of the world, GooseTronics set their sights on Halifax, their current home base. Regularly releasing tracks on their aforementioned labels and securing a contract with Bad Music Records, GooseTronics has become a familiar name on the East Coast bass circuit. Notable appearances include Future Forest, Electric Pines (where they’ve graced the stage multiple times), Zenergy, and Harmony of the Spheres.
In the realm of bass music, GooseTronics is swiftly gaining recognition and building a global fanbase. As the year 2024 unfolds, it appears to be a breakout year for this rising birdbot in the music scene.
Notable artist GooseTronics has worked with:
featured alongside Slynk, JFB, $ecret Gue$t, FarfetchD, Lucien Francis on the official remix of smoke, Ill Gates & Def3 feat. Chris Karns, KJ Sawaka, Nintendeax (smoke: remixed)
B-Complex (Blacksheep)
Bkode (Disorderlys)
Hydee (Blacksheep)
KILLNIL (pull up)
Omnirock (Yo, the WiddFam)
RJ Thyme (robots making people music)
Shatter Beatz (CHAMPION)
Trench foot (SAE)
$ecret Gue$t ($ecret Goose)
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