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Edmonton Alberta

Ed Rush & Optical. Serial Killaz. Phibes. Marcus Visionary. These are just a few of the artists that Canada’s JFC has shared the stage with during his decade-plus tenure DJing raucous drum and bass.
JFC, better known as Jake Fucking Carter to some, has been captivating dancefloors and entertaining masses since the start, more than ten years ago. Landing in Edmonton, Alberta, by way of New Brunswick, JFC started playing dnb after discovering the city’s iconic Jungle Fever nights. Before that, it was Shy FX and T-Power’s “Everyday” that hooked him on listening to dnb, and it wasn’t long before constant listening led to playing himself.
Highly influenced by the darker side of dnb and old school neruofunk like Noisia, Ed Rush & Optical, and Black Sun Empire, JFC began mixing tunes the analog way, a rarity for post-aughts DJs. He learned how to beat match on Tech 1200s and mastered vinyl before switching to digital in 2013.
After throwing a few shows, JFC decided to concentrate 100% on playing music and focused his craft on being the most technical and proficient selector possible. Despite being more suited for primetime, JFC has an appreciation for the curation of time slots that he brings to any dancefloor he touches. His efforts have landed him shows across western Canada, including triple-year bookings at Shambhala Music Festival’s infamous Ragga Jungle Rinseout, one of the festival’s most popular recurring events.
2023 sees JFC focusing on production, attending Edmonton’s revered Night Vision Academy while putting out some of his inaugural releases with collaborator Just Mayhem. Although in early stages, his releases would be at home at labels like Born on Road or Liondub International adjacent to artists such as Aries. As JFC hones his craft, they will likely become target labels.
When asked about the future JFC states the importance of giving back to the scene that made him. “I want to give back to the dnb scene since it’s provided me with so much over the years. I want to create more music for people to enjoy, as people have been creating music for me to enjoy for many moons.”