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Long Distance Rivals

Moncton, NB / Bromont, QC

Long Distance Rivals, a dynamic music project born from the collaborative genius of Jay Vasseur and Sebastien Perron, represents more than a decade of shared experiences in the realms of DJing and event promotion. United by a common vision, they transitioned from the dance floor to the studio, driven by a mission to infuse the world of music with their distinctive rhythms.

Their latest offering, the ‘Better Call Jack EP’, released on Monumental Musiq, is a testament to their evolving artistry and commitment to pushing musical boundaries. This follows a series of impactful releases on esteemed labels such as Emby Music and Frosted Recordings, further establishing their versatility and creative prowess.

At the heart of Long Distance Rivals’ sound is a playful yet sophisticated fusion of genres. Their music is an eclectic blend of robust funk, smooth jazz, and a spectrum of progressive influences, all coming together to create a lighthearted and dynamic style. This unique sound not only uplifts but also captivates listeners with its whimsical charm and rich, diverse musical textures.

As they continue to explore and expand their musical boundaries, Long Distance Rivals remain committed to keeping the world dancing to a beat that is uniquely their own, offering a fresh and compelling perspective in the ever-evolving landscape of electronic music.
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