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.Nathanael AKA N8, a native of Brierly Brook in Antigonish, has had a serious passion for music since day one. Early influences from his parents record collection include Zeppelin, Coltrane, Waters, Presley, Allman Brothers, Beatles, CCR, Clapton, Dead, Hendrix, Jefferson, Kinks, Young, Frampton, Floyd, Stones, Petty, Who, Simon, Doors, James Brown, to name a few. Celtic Music, specifically Cape Breton Fiddlers Ashley MacIsaac, Natalie and Buddy MacMaster, were the first influencers to pick up a musical instrument, being taught how to play the violin by Stan Chapman, aged 8. Progressing from violin through guitar in teenage years, the mid nineties was the time when Daft Punk and electronic music was introduced at legendary parties on Maple Drive and St. Mary’s Street, Antigonish. Attending old school parties at Evolve, Playhouse, Electropolis, and influenced early on from local DJ’s (to name a few) Charife, Giselle, Nonsense, Dub, Haze, Manette, Anthony, Nurse, Bastid, Keating, Hamilton (RIP); and international DJ’s Farina, Glaude, Dan, Sneak, Cox, Hawtin, Kelley, Barbara, Acquaviva, Bill, Sasha, Digweed, the requirement to learn to mix records was established. Currently playing genres like Deep and Tech House, Techno, Minimal, Psychedelic and Funk. Come enjoy a carefully curated audio dance session where any genre can be expected.