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New Affiliation

Halifax, Nova Scotia

Drum & Bass collective NOAffiliation originated in 2001 with founding members Sammy D, Ming the Merciless & Dj IV. The ever-expanding conglomerate became a highly anticipated attraction during Halifax’s underground party days, growing to 8 members with the creation of a never before seen 8 turntable setup, NOA provided a unique experience live remix of D&B, Jungle, Reggae, Hip-Hop & Turntablism. With over 12 Alumni members over the past 2 decades, NOAffiliation currently operates under The NEWAffiliation moniker with OG member Dj IV ushering in current top boy selektahs Rekkid, Foobz & Moldylox. The crew stays doing damage so expect something special anytime NOA are behind the decks.

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