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San Miguel vs Dickson Town

Halifax, Nova Scotia

Step into the realm of San Miguel, a powerful force behind the decks with a profound insight into getting any dance floor moving. After inheriting a set of old turntables (shout out Lash Larue) and investing years in honing his DJ skills, San Miguel (AKA Brendon Prowse) is very much respected and admired in Atlantic Canada‘s electronic music scene, notorious for nurturing irresistible rhythms and infectious beats.
With his superb selection of tracks, meticulous mixing skills and seamless transitions, San Miguel delivers an unforgettable sound experience, evoking emotions and taking listeners on a transformative ride. With San Miguel at the helm, you can trust that your musical journey will be guided by a true guardian of sound. Expect to be captivated by his mastery, as he commands the dance floor to enter a place where music reigns supreme.
No stranger to gettin’ down, Dickson Town has been moving and shaking to the grooves of electronic music for over three decades. Caught by the infectious sound in the early 90s, This Dick (Adam Allen) loves to move, groove, shimmy, and shake like an earthquake for your soul, and can’t resist the rhythms as they take full control.
When they step up to the DJ booth, prepare to be captivated by Dickson Town’s infectious energy and get ready for an electrifying experience. Their love for Techno and deep respect for House music guarantees heavy bass lines that will leave you mesmerized. The formula is simple yet incredibly effective: crank up the bass; increase the pace; and lace in some sassy vocals. The outcome? An immersive and engaging performance that will have you moving and grooving on the dance floor from beginning to end.
As these two dynamic DJs join forces to unleash a storm of electrifying beats, brace yourself, because you’re about to be blasted into the abyss. They thrive on pushing boundaries and continuously strive to exceed expectations. Their seamless collaboration is a testament to their deep musical knowledge and impeccable taste. Each track carefully selected, layered, and mixed, resulting in the hottest heat that will leave you breathless and yearning for more.
It’s going to be a wild ride, so the question is, where will you be when San Miguel’s Dickson Town?

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