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Spiffy Labs

Spiffy Labs is an artistic projection video and stage design company that has become renowned for its endeavor to create unforgettable experiences. Formed in 2015, on the east coast of Canada, by Chris Smith, a musician, DJ, and lighting enthusiast, Spiffy has spent his time working with and learning from as many artists as possible. With well thought planning, out of the box design, and precise fabricating, Spiffy Labs brings to life breathtaking displays that push the boundaries of imagination.

                Aided with the use of fabric, LED lighting, and projection arrangements ensures a seamless integration of technology and artistry. Each project undertaken by Spiffy Labs is a new adventure into the imagination, combining stunning visuals, storytelling, and a twist of the fantastical world. Whether it’s a grand stage production at music festivals like Future Forest, Evolve, Electric Pines, a mesmerizing exhibition with a local music co-op, or an ethereal installation at a secluded cabin, Spiffy Labs sets the stage for unforgettable artistic experiences.