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Steve the Viking

Fredericton, NB

Prepare to set sail on a sonic voyage with Steve the Viking who might be an actual relic. After a brief hiatus just like the Vikings of the old, he’s back to pillage the dance floor once again. Steve the Viking resurfaced in the summer of 2023 to play a special Sunday Funday set. Then wasting no time he released ‘Yggdrasil.’ This mix seamlessly blends funky, psychedelic, minimal techno-textured beats, and makes you so glad that he’s back at it!
Steve’s journey into the world of DJing began in 1999, inspired by the East Coast’s musical luminaries like Tony Haze, Mike Mathers, Magic Friend, David Anthony, Dale Mannette, and the iconic SoundSyster. He started his DJ career at the legendary G-Spot in Fredericton and went on to take hold of dancefloors at the most prolific venues in the Maritimes. He has made guest appearances at The Phoenix Landing in Boston, and a show in Hollywood alongside MO7S which only added to his wild experiences as a DJ. His reputation as a solid performer grew even more when he joined the Evolve Tribe in 2002, becoming a fixture of these infamous gatherings. In 2004, Steve became an integral part of the Ultrasound Collective in Fredericton where he shares his love for music with this crew.
Steve’s musical influences span a wide spectrum of genres from grunge, industrial, death metal, and punk to classical and everything in between. His signature style is all about crafting long, immersive mixes, punctuated by snappy hits and quirky bleeps that converge into an irresistible funky groove of minimal, techno, and bass-heavy beats.
Get ready to embark on a musical expedition with this Viking, where beats are the treasure, and the dance floor is the adventure! Join the party, and let’s make some musical history together!
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