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The Dopeness

Halifax, Nova Scotia

The DJ Duo THE DOPENESS is composed of Matt and Laura, the DJ’s formerly known as Bombski, and Aural Stiorra. They like their drum and bass dirty and their tech house with a side of funk. They’re ambassadors of love, music, and sound and they’re known for bringing the dopest vibes wherever they go. In life and love and everything in between they are partners, and they have been DJing together since Laura started mixing music in August 2022. A couple weeks after this at Electric Pines, they were walking to the car, and Matt said something cool. Laura was like yo that’s dope. Then Matt said no it’s the dopest! Laura said no wait it’s the dopeness. Matt then said “that’s it that’s our DJ Duo name.”One of their wildest experiences thus far was being at Electric Pines 2023 and having the realization that they were playing together as THE DOPENESS for the first time at a festie like that, on their freaking Dj Duo-versary.
Laura has been vibin to the rhythm from day one. While some babies are in the womb kicking, she was in there dancing, and basically she never stopped. Whether it was on the hood of the car as a small child (not just the family car, but the neighbors car too ), to have her whole world turned upside down and inside out at 16 at her first rave in Halifax, music has been a lifelong friend. Her roots are grounded in her love of singing and songwriting, and playing various instruments her whole life, and she curated a playlist for almost every class she guided during her years as a yoga teacher. But what she vibes to the most is a deep and sassy booty shakin bass line. 2023 festie season found her on the Nest Stage at Future Forest as Aural Stiorra, and at Raven City, Riverfront Rhythms, and Electric Pines together with Matt as THE DOPENESS. In late 2022 they founded their music portal VELVET STUDIOS, and they now host a weekly stream on their twitch channel called Wildcard Wednesdays, where they have guest DJs and producers come over for a jam sesh. They also recently launched their ear plug jewelry line BASS BUSTERZ. They make awesome ear plug earrings, clip on ear plugs that attach to anything, rave braids, glassels and more
The other half of THE DOPENESS, Matt has been in the local music scene for over a decade now. He started out spinning at Halifax’s Bassline and hosted a monthly residency with Trebleshoot at Reflections Cabaret. A lifelong music lover, he was a photographer taking photos at local overnight shows before he took his first step behind the decks in 2012. He deep dove into the world of music and studied audio engineering shortly after. He is a jack of all trades and if you ask Laura she will honestly tell you that there is nothing he can’t play as he has a natural flow with rhythm and melody. Her and Matt are forever inspired by music and all the unique elements you’ll find in different styles and genres. As THE DOPENESS they are an entire vibe, crafting a hypnotic flow that you can’t help but shake your tail feathers to, and when they aren’t on the decks themselves you will find them front and center on the dance floor wearing their matching fits and gold led kicks.
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