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The Jimmy Swift Band

Halifax, Nova Scotia

Halifax’s The Jimmy Swift Band reunite to bring their acclaimed live show back to Nova Scotia with a performance at the inaugural Relics Music Festival in July. The Jimmy Swift Bands sound is a fusion or rock and electronica – the result is the creation of something refreshingly different, a style uniquely JSB. Their live show is a frenzy of sweat, dancing, and thrashing – all to hypnotic rhythms and an unrelenting energy that is both addictive and unstoppable.

JSB stopped performing regularly in 2011 – leaving behind a legacy of over a thousand live performances, numerous awards, and a dedicated fan base across Canada and beyond. In the past ten years, the band has reunited three times to raise funds for friends in need and to reconnect with each other and the community they helped to develop during over 15 years of relentless touring.

On stage their tireless energy was always focused on the audience – on turning a Saturday night’s concert into an unforgettable experience. You will likely never see or hear anything like the Jimmy Swift Band anywhere else, and you will never walk
away from another show feeling like you did the last time you saw the JSB.

;… furious, body-shaking… unstoppable grooves… something of an East Coast Force of Nature, a four-man cultural phenomenon who have forever changed the music scene in Atlantic Canada.
…catalysts of the live music community… the Jimmy Swift Band intermingle tightly
composed rock with intense, spacey jamtronica… an orgasm of the senses. When they
want to rock, they rock, and when they want to jam, they tear the roof off… the Jimmy Swift
Band kicks your ass, plain and simple… watch out for JSB and wear protection when they
come to town.;
;…with quick pulsing bass and feel good swipes of guitar strums. Their heavy jam sounds
combine what is best about jam music in general – overriding the overdone folky Dead-
style jams by taking funk and slight traditional rural choruses along with late '70s disco
keyboards, then futuristically adding a unique techno-dance approach… There is much
promise to this increasingly popular band – their music acts like a vehicle – driving
upwards and gliding in high gear and on cue at any given moment, they turn on the
thrusters and explode into uncharted musical territory.;
Exclaim Magazine
;…something amazing is happening right in front of you and you can only define it by that
great feeling you get when leaving the show.;

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