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Be Diabolical

Hants Border, Nova Scotia

BE DIABOLICAL APPAREL LLC is an automotive lifestyle focused brand located in the Annapolis Valley of Nova Scotia. Be Diabolical as a company focuses on apparel creation, vinyl sfickers automotive part prototyping and event hosting which includes car meets and will soon include fundraising drives and car shows. Be Diabolical Apparel LLC is operated in conjunction with Diabolical Productions; a automotive media production company, and Blue Collar Creative; a graphic design and social media firm focused on branding and marketing for blue collar businesses. All 3 are soon to be operated under THE DIABOLICAL GROUP INC.

Tyler MacEachern is a full time heavy duty mechanic and also the CEO of Be Diabolical apparel LLC, Blue Collar Creative, and Diabolical productions. He is a car enthusiast, self taught graphic designer and photographer. Tyler Grew up around the Evolve music festival and many different musical artist and developed a music taste that spans many genres and subgenres, being 23 and in a position to contribute to the new festival brings everything full circle and he’s incredibly excited to be involved in the process of a new festival.
@be.diabolical @blue.collar.creative @tyler_maceachern14